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People Of Bell Island Come Together To Save Stranded Dolphins

The people of Bell Island were able to come together on the morning of April 3 when they discovered that a group of Dolphins were trapped in the sea ice that made it's way just off Bell Island.  The people of Bell Island came together […]

Icebergs Have Arrived!

It's that time of year! Icebergs have begun to make Newfoundland waters their home, with several the largest of the Icebergs making it's way to Ferryland where it has been the talk of the town. The iceberg has been features all around the world on […]

50 Ways To Challenge Yourself While Diving

Sport Diver | 50 Ways to Challenge Yourself   We’ve all had that moment . . . sitting around . . . we hear another diver tell a story that sparks something  . . . call it inspiration. Call it envy. Whatever it is, there’s […]

Discover Scuba Schedule 2017

Get Your Feet! Try a Discover Scuba Today! Ever wanted to try scuba diving, but didn't know where to start? The PADI Discover Scuba Course is the best choice!  Have the opportunity to jump into Ocean Quest  pool and work one-on-one with one of our […]

2016 Doug Wheeler Award

Congratulations to Rick Stanley and the rest of the OQ team on winning the 2016 Doug Wheeler Award! The award is given to the person or group who has contributed the most in the past year to develop or promote the tourism industry in this province. As […]