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OCEAN SAFARI Explore Newfoundland's Rugged Coastline

Enjoy a scenic boat ride along the majestic coast of Newfoundland. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the splendid marine life that our great province is known for. Who knows, maybe you will even stumble across icebergs or whales on your safari adventure! 

Runs May 21st - September 3rd
Location Petty Harbour or Conception Bay South
Duration 1.5(Coming Soon) & 3 hours

waterfall in ocean safari tour                         

As you leave Petty Harbour you will explore the ancient "Jurassic Park" coastline, riddled with sea caves and cascading waterfalls. With whales circling below, the occasional group of Orcas watching from afar, and eagles patrolling overhead, you'll get the chance to adventure in some of the most pristine conditions the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. Once you've had your fill of taking in the sights, you can get a nice refreshing shower underneath the natural waterfalls. After that, a quick visit around Pirate's Cove - don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for any buried treasure! 

As you are gently nursed along the majestic coastline, you look in awe at the natural beauty of the land. Starting at the very top of the sheer cliffs you see the vegetation on top, and as you continue downwards you can almost see back in time as the cliffs transcend into sandstone, covered with the stains from generations worth of iron ore deposits . Finally, where the water meets the land, tidal marks, the sea snails, barnacles, and kelp hint at the vibrant  ecosystem below the water which many of the fish and marine life call home. 

Perhaps today, a school of jellyfish is slowly making its way out to sea. Or if you are lucky a jumble of sunfish, tuna, and even the occasional leatherback turtle may be playfully frolicking around. As you head home you think you've seen it all - just as you wonder what else you could have missed a pod of dolphins (or as they prefer to be called, jumpers) attempt to race you back to the marina, only to peel off at the last possible moment.  What a way to spend an afternoon!!