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  • Learn To Dive

    Learn To Dive

    5 star PADI dive certification center, We provides training for every level of scuba diver
  • 3 Hour Ocean Safari

    3 Hour Ocean Safari

    Sightseeing plus!! The perfect trip for spending time in the company of mother natures greatest ambassadors!
  • Sea Cave Adventure

    Sea Cave Adventure

    Go explore! Zodiac + Kayaking + Snorkeling = FUN!!
  • Cod Fishing

    Cod Fishing

    Experience the number one thing that made Newfoundland what it is today!! 
  • Ocean Quest Adventures 2017Ocean Quest Adventures 2017

    Ocean Quest Adventures…

    Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our video launch, we appreciate your support more than you […] 
  • Exploring Bell Island - Jill Heinerth…Exploring Bell Island - Jill Heinerth / WWII wrecks / Mine diving / Explorer's paradise

    Exploring Bell Island…

    The Royal Canadian Geographic Society's first Explorer in Residence, Jill Heinerth talks us through the uniqueness […] 
  • Daily Planet Program Mar 2016Daily Planet Program Mar 2016

    Daily Planet Program…

    Daily Planet's two part series on the February 2016 Mine Quest Expedition combined into one video. 
  • Bell Island Mine Quest 2016Bell Island Mine Quest 2016

    Bell Island Mine Quest…

    Exploring the history since the closure of the Bell Island mines. The Mine Quest team mapped out many of […] 
  • The Pursuit Is Happiness!The Pursuit Is Happiness!

    The Pursuit Is Happiness!

    Ask yourself, as you sit there reading this, is wondering if you will see whales AS FUN AS searching for […]
  • It's Overwhaleming!It's Overwhaleming!

    It's Overwhaleming!

    You wouldn't believe what happened today! Or should we say this entire month?! Our Petty Harbour location […]
  • Stop... Whale Time!Stop... Whale Time!

    Stop... Whale Time!

    Every July the whales brush the shores and coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador to feed...and we come close […]
  • Have Something To Show For Your Summer!Have Something To Show For Your Summer!

    Have Something To Show…

    We've all been there, scrounging change together for a night out with some friends but having nothing to […]

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