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Have Something To Show For Your Summer!

Tours socialmedia COMMENTS 21 Jun, 2017

We've all been there, scrounging change together for a night out with some friends but having nothing to show for it the next day. The good news is, you can have some mindful fun with us out on the kayaks this summer! Leaving from the shore at the Sunset Key Marina, our Sheltered Coastline Kayak Tour is available for $80.50 and is a perfect afternoon escape with your group of friends or family! Don't know how to paddle? The sheltered coastline tour is fitting for kayakers of all levels of expertise! Savour the moment and have something to show for your money this summer! With Icebergs, sea caves, whales, seabird colonies, and waterfalls, paddling Conception Bay is truly exceptional.

Oh yeah...did we mention you can SNORKEL WITH HUMPBACK WHALES?

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