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It's Overwhaleming!

Tours socialmedia COMMENTS 28 Jul, 2017

You wouldn't believe what happened today! Or should we say this entire month?! Our Petty Harbour location has been in quite the spotlight lately in terms of seeing every possible treasure a Newfoundland and Labrador summer has to offer with such a short distance away from the capital city. We've been visited by a  massive 20,000 year old iceberg from Greenland, countless pods of humpback whales, seabirds - including the fan favourite puffin - and even ORCA WHALES! Yes we've just about seen it all on our snorkelling with whales tour this July but, like all good things, it has to end at some point. Icebergs to icecubes and whales and birds migrate but the fun and anticipation lives on! There's still time to join in on the action! Check out times for the first week of August and see if you can spot anything special. But if you need something to do next July, you know where to find us!

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