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Scuba Diving Gear Service 

At Ocean Quest, we offer a wide Variety of services for all your diving gear needs. We offer services for Scuba and SCBA Cylinders, Regulators, BCD’S, Drysuits, and more….


 Cylinders: We offer three specific services for Scuba and SCBA cylinders.

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Hydrostatic Testing
  3. Eddy Current Testing

Each of these services have a different purpose and will benefit your safety and the life of your cylinders.

Visual Inspection: 

The visual Inspection is annual inspection, that has our service department let the air out of the tank and remove the valve to look inside. The service techs look for signs of corrosion and any other surface damage. Once that is complete, there is an inspection sticker put on the cylinder to certify it for another year.  

Hydrostatic testing:

 After the initial results of the Hydro static testing the results are stamped into the body of the scuba tank, along with the date (year and month) it passed. After that, the tank must be retested hydro statically every five years. A common hydro static test is to pressurize the scuba tank to 5/3 of its working pressure and to measure the flexing of the tank walls. Five-thirds of a 3,000-psi working pressure means that the tank will be pressurized to 5,000 psi. This is done by replacing the valve with a special hydraulic testing connection and filling the scuba tank with water under pressure. By doing this testing, it ensures that the interior walls of the cylinder are in tact and here is no corrosion or scratches on the tanks wall.

Eddy current:

Eddy Current testing is a supplement to a Visual Cylinder Inspection (VCI). It is specifically designed to detect cracks in the neck threads. It does not test any of the rest of the cylinder. The device uses a sensor which detects alterations in an induced magnetic field caused by cracks in the threads. It is required for tanks that were made prior to 1989. Tanks made prior to 1989 were made with 6351 alloy tanks that are not susceptible to Sustained Load Cracking (SLC). By doing the Eddy current, the machine goes over the threads of the cylinder to ensure there are no cracks throughout the cylinder. 


We offer a wide range of services to keep your regulators in the best shape possible for diving.

Yearly Inspection:

This annual inspection allows service technician to open the first and second stage and look to see if everything is working properly y and nothing needs to be fixed additionally.

Full Service

The full service has our service technicians open the regulator and make sure everything is working properly, along with changing the o- rings in each stage and any other parts that need to be replaced. (Check with your manufacture to ensure it is covered under warranty). 


In our service department, we have three experienced techs that know the ins and outs of the drysuit and the services we offer for them.

 . Zipper Replacement

. neck/wrist seal replacement

. fixing and patching any cuts, rips that may have occurred on your drysuit.

Compressor Sales & Service

Distributor for Alkin and Bauer Compressors. Services incude:


  • Air test
  • Annual Service/Maintenance
  • From minor maintenance to complete rebuilds
  • Onsite service available all across the island.


We like to say that if our service techs can’t fix it, then it doesn’t need to be!