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Best Dive Operators

Testimonials socialmedia COMMENTS07 Feb, 2017

Ocean Quest are one of the best dive operators I've had the pleasure of giving my money too! Their resort is fantastic - lovely rooms, a huge kitchen with everything you could possibly require, on site dive facilities, lots of storage room, washer and dryer, a beautiful lounge, and two decks with great views. They even have a full on spa, so you can book a post dive massage! Oh my!

Their dive boat, Mermaid, is one of the best. A huge heated cabin, massive top deck, and a large dive deck with an elevator - getting back onto a boat has never been easier.

The best thing however are the crew. From owners Rick and Debbie, to skipper Bill, and the amazing Johhny O - possible the best DM in the business.

It's tough to find fault with anything Ocean Quest do. Their attitude is infectious, their services fined tuned from years of success and experience, and their passion for local diving and adventure is in abundance.

Fantastic diving, a fantastic operation, and fantastic people.

— Russell Clark

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